Case Studies

When you need to convince a decision-maker, show them a case study or a video testimonial. A case study or a video testimonial demonstrates the business value of your solution, technology or service. They are powerful tools to build credibility and sales.

When creating case studies, experience counts. PaperClip Media has compiled nearly 200 case studies over the past eight years. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry makes us experts at building a rapport with your customers which encourages them to talk about the business value of your solutions. We are honest and address what is most important to your customer.

Thanks to technology, we have interviewed our clients’ customers located in Europe, America and Australia. We manage the entire case study process, from sourcing and creating the content, to approvals, as well as publishing the case study.


A newsletter is a powerful corporate communications tool that has a direct impact on your business. Internal employee newsletters can shape the culture of your company, and external newsletters have the ability to build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

If you realise the business benefits of creating a newsletter, but do not have time or the resources to write and manage the content, PaperClip Media is your answer.

PaperClip Media are EXPERTS at creating custom newsletters. We can manage your entire process: from creating a concept for your newsletter, to sourcing and writing the articles, as well as publishing the newsletter. From start to finish, we can create your company’s custom publication and maintain it to give you the perfect marketing communications vehicle.

Proofreading • Editing • Writing • Newsletter Design • Custom Newsletters • Magazines • E-mail Newsletters. We do it all!

For CIOs

CIOs sometimes struggle to demonstrate IT value to the Board. Spending days writing a report often distracts the CIO from his core business, which is to deploy more technology innovations to lead the organisation to greater success.

PaperClip Media assists CIOs with a case study report to demonstrate how IT enables new ways of doing business and make employees more productive. The case study report shows the measurable impact of the project on the organisation’s business.

CIOs also often find it difficult to educate end-users about the features of new technologies. PaperClip Media works with CIOs and other stakeholders in the organisation to roll out communication and training programmes.

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