An Employee Newsletter:
  1. A newsletter assists in shaping the culture of your company.
  2. Use a newsletter as a communications tool to broadcast important company information to your employees.
  3. Interesting articles on various business areas will familiarise your employees with the company.
  4. Newsletters can be used as a communications medium to give employees a 'voice'.
  5. Your newsletter can be used as an educational tool to distribute valuable information on specific topics.

A Customer Newsletter:

  1. Custom publications help you to stay in touch with your target audience.
  2. Newsletters build long-term relationships with your customers.
  3. Use the newsletter as a tool to create brand awareness. Educate and inform your customers about your services and solutions.
  4. Articles that focus on specific industry-related topics can help you to profile some of your spokespeople as 'thought-leaders'.
  5. Newsletters can be used as high quality, cost-effective sales tools in your Customer Relationship Management programme.

If you want to create a newsletter or already have one and need help, consider PaperClip Media's services. By outsourcing your newsletter to us, you can avoid many potential headaches and also save time and money by avoiding the capital expenditure of equipment and salaries.

PaperClip Media's publishing experts can maintain your newsletter programme, ensuring that your employees or customers receive their newsletters on time - whether it is monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Furthermore, we save you money as we consult, write, design, produce and print your custom publications for one low fee.

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