PaperClip Media provides a one-stop shop for custom publications. We can consult, write, design, produce and print your newsletter, or alternatively engage with us to only write your editorial, or design your newsletter. We can work with you to any degree you wish!

We are a custom publishing house focusing on producing newsletters for companies. While most other publishing houses produce large volume publications and require months of lead time, we produce newsletters in record time.

Our services include:



Creating a concept for your newsletter:
We analyse your existing publication or research your customer base to find out what they would like to receive. We then do an outline of the concept of your newsletter, which includes regular features or 'ghost'-writing columns for your spokespeople.


Producing your newsletter:
Editorial: PaperClip Media can source an angle and write the full story, or edit your existing content. Alternatively, our writers can transform brainstormed notes, malformed first drafts or stories from other publications into well-written and on-target articles.


We understand complex corporate graphics standards, making sure that your newsletter is a seamless component of your marketing strategy.


Maintaining your newsletter programme:
You won't have to concern yourself with meeting the deadline for the distribution of your newsletter on time. We'll work according to a newsletter programme agreed to with you, to ensure that your target audiences get meaningful, result-producing, beautifully designed publications month after month.


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